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“The multi-talented Alan Cumming has one of the best roles of his career in Any Day Now Cumming’s witty, golden-hearted Rudy is just one of the delights in a real heartbreaker of a film… Alan Cumming gives a heartfelt performance layered with wit, sass and raw emotion… compelling and complex as Kramer vs. Kramer…Fired by a righteous anger, Any Day Now is a poignant tale of prejudice and a distinguished addition to a fresher wave of gay cinema like WEEKEND and KEEP THE LIGHTS ON   4 stars Allan Hunter Daily Express & The List

“Alan Cumming delivers his best performance to date” – Variety

“sincere, compassionate and played with a restraint that makes its denouement all the more poignant” 4 stars – Empire Magazine

“ANY DAY NOW combines drama, truth and winning performances from Alan Cumming and Garret Dillahunt” 4 stars  CineVue

“expertly written, directed and acted with real honesty” 5 stars – QX

“An absorbing and pensive story of familial love…Travis Fine has crafted a deeply emotive cinematic drama that utilizes a historical setting to treat…extremely current social issues” 4 stars – Front Row Reviews

“deserves a much wider audience than the arthouse circuit…Any Day Now boasts engrossing performances from Cumming and Gillahunt, but also coaxes a moving performance from Isaac Levya” 4 stars Out In The City

“A heart-wrenching tale of injustice and those who have the courage to fight it…Cumming’s best performance to date…Dillahunt shines”  4 stars Hey U Guys

A heartwrenching and deeply important film… Fearless, gripping and soulful… Alan Cumming is effervescent, it’s the performance of his career” – Helen Cox Film4.Com

“the emotion Any Day Now will stir guarantees its success. The director has done a fine job indeed… Absolutely heart-breaking…Cumming masters Rudyism with finesse”  4 stars The Upcoming

“A well-realised time capsule of a repressive era, and a stirring document of a brave fight against prejudice” Sight and Sound

“an immensely powerful film that is beautifully crafted, as a picture that needs to be seen. Alan Cumming is superb.  This is poignant, heartbreaking cinema”   4 stars – Fan Carpet

a poignant, sensitive, heartfelt portrait of ’70s LGBT struggle. Alan Cumming is superb as the gay-rights warrior fighting a custody battle, as moving as he is funny”  4 stars – Attitude

“An Amazing, Touching, Terrific Movie… With An Oscar Worthy Performance By Alan Cumming”KCBS Radio

“Levya’s understated turn will knock you sideways”  3 stars – Total Film

“engaging and emotive” 3 stars – Time Out


@edibow: “Great film with a great message/debate. Go see 6th September”

?@confitcommeca:  “Just come out of the @Alancumming #anydaynow premiere – beautiful film. Do see it!”

@stephenfry: “my cheeks are soaked with tears after watching the brilliant Any Day Now – absolutely stunning”

@helenography – “an important film to watch people! Make it happen”

@thomwill “utterly brilliant, a heartbreaking yet beautifully told story”

“Any Day Now is a poignant tale of prejudice and a distinguished addition to a fresher wave of gay cinema like Weekend and Keep The Lights On that offer perceptive, compassionate portraits of gay lives. Cumming’s witty, golden-hearted Rudy is just one of the delights in a real heartbreaker of a film.”  Daily Express

“Cumming is the linchpin, and the actor does an exceptional job of moving across the vast galaxy of universal emotions about partners and parenthood.” Los Angeles Times

“Cumming’s performance [is] a perfect balance of flamboyance, humanity, vulnerability, paternal love and righteous anger…it’s the best work he’s done to date.” Time Out NY

“Dillahunt has chilling realistic moments that make you feel the actual discrimination in the air.” – David D’Arcy, Screen International

“Powerful! Superb! Depictions of custody battles have become a cinematic staple, but few register with the heartfelt emotion of Any Day Now.” – Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter

“Alan Cumming delivers what is possibly his best performance to date.” – Boyd Van Hoeij, Variety

“3 1/2 Stars! One of the season’s hidden treasures.” – Marshall Fine, The Huffington Post

“…an outraged, unblinking depiction of institutionalized homophobia…” – Stephen Holden, The New York Times Critics’ Pick

“Packs a powerful, timely and ultimately heartbreaking message.” – Dan Heching, Next New York Times by Steven Holden

“Cumming and Dillahunt create characters that are as memorable as they are moving.” – Carrie Rickey, Philadelphia Inquirer

“It would take a heart of stone — or zero tolerance for soap — to resist Any Day Now, a full-throttle weepie about a West Hollywood gay couple trying to adopt a neglected boy with Down syndrome.…. The movie turns on one couple’s legal struggle to adopt a child they’ve nurtured for more than a year, but it’s also an improbable love story between three lost souls united by their outsider status.” – Ella Taylor, NPR

“Powerful” – John Hartl, 3 1/2 stars, Seattle Times

“As Rudy and Paul, a flamboyant drag club performer and his straight-arrow lover in 1979 Los Angeles, Alan Cumming and Garret Dillahunt are watchably genial in a story that winds up full of mawkish manipulation.” – NY Daily News