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“Because we didn’t have much to do with making the movie, I can brag on it a little,  it’s really good” – Author Stephen J. Dubner

“The fact that this dream project is being realized by the ‘dream team’ of documentary filmmakers makes this a major film event. We couldn’t be more thrilled” – Magnolia President Eamonn Bowles

“This docu-omnibus keeps us engaged, enjoying the moment while wondering which of Levitt’s theories will be explored next.” Kimberly Gadette. Indie Movies Online

“This 93-minute collection of short films finds an innovative way to pursue trivial data.” Keith Cohen, Entertainment Spectrum

“A peppy portmanteau film based on the 2005 book.”  Sukhdev Sandhu, The Telegraph

“Freakonomics is, much like the book that spawned it, a breezy entertainment that leaves you with a lot to think about.”  Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald


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