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20/8/2012 TURN ME ON, GODDAMMITwins 2012 Amanda Awards for BEST PICTURE and BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY.

Sigve Endresen, Jannicke Systad Jacobsen and Brede Hovland with the Amanda award

9/7/2012 TURN ME ON, GODDAMMIT nominated for 6 Amanda Awards (Norwegian Oscars): Best Picture Best Actress: Helene Bergsholm Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Malin Bjørnhovde Best Screenplay: Jannicke Systad Jacobsen Best Cinematography: Marianne Bakke Best Music: Ginge Anvik.

“Jacobsen covers the familiar coming-of-age material from a fresh, engaging perspective.”  THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE

“Jannicke Systad Jacobsen, a documentary maker directing her first fiction film, demonstrates a sure sense of tone…”  THE CHIGAGO READER

“Turn Me On, Dammit! was a fresh take on your conventional teenage sex coming of age story, but it certainly was not a groundbreaking one.”  WAY TOO INDIE

“Turn Me On, Dammit! is excellent; a sweet but raw comic drama that’s shockingly funny but also surprisingly tender.” NEW EMPRESS MAGAZINE

“Sensational! An Extraordinary Story! A charming unexpected story about growing up and awakening sexuality.”  NYLON

“One of the best indie films of the month” LEONARD MALTIN

“Super Cool! If you love ‘Easy A’ and ‘Napoleon Dynamite,’ Are kind of a little quirky yourself,and love funny, strong girl characters you have to check out this movie.” GURL

““Turn Me On,” set in an unspecified recent past, has a gentle oddness as unforced as its performances… THE NEW YORK TIMES  

“You’ll be gladder to have seen this beguiling little film” WALL STREET JOURNAL

“Bergsholm is an immediately likable, utterly natural and absolutely fearless star… TIME OUT NEW YORK

“Charming and light—and the credence it gives to a young female’s sexuality is definitely refreshing. NEW YORK MAGAZINE

” You’ve never seen a teen coming-of-age film like Turn Me On, Dammit. Find it and see it.HUFFINGTON POST & CINEMA ROMANTICO

“I can’t help but stand on a pedestal and scream to the heavens that I truly adored this film.” CRITERIONCAST

“… it’s, like, really fucking good and if you happen to see it in your movie listings or notice it languishing in your Netflix recommendations, watch it because it’s about as long as a Disney movie (75 minutes) and totally hilarious” JEZEBEL

Norwegian-language movie packs plenty of deadpan humor and charm into its 76 minutes.”  PLAYBOY

“Frank portayal of adolescent eroticism, female division…More crowd-pleasing than sober arthouse fare” VARIETY

“A smart comedy tale of adolescent eroticism…the film is snappily shot and engagingly candid…rich with quirky humour and engaging performances…thoroughly charming” SCREEN DAILY

“Recalls the opening of American Pie…Jacobsen conveys this situation with a delicate touch and a whimsical stylistic flourishes  ” INDIEWIRE

“Bold! Fresh! A must see! Bergsholm’s strong acting and our own (adolescent) memories remind  us of how devastating and lonely our own versions of these moments felt” THE HUFFINGTON POST

“pleasantly just south of weird” TWITCH

“Avoids exploitation…uses sweet, deadpan humor to take the sting out of the sexual frankness” NY POST

“Funny, cute, awkward, and most of all, different…a definite crowd pleaser for sure” MOVIE BUZZERS

“To say this film was a treat is an understatement…A poignant, exploratory journey through youthful lust and desire  ” EXAMINER.COM

“This jury was unanimous. Hands down, this is the best screenplay.” TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL WEBSITE

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