The Linesman

Late one evening, a pylon worker in a remote glen, witnesses something he shouldn’t. When he dares to investigate, he becomes the key suspect in the case of a young girl who has gone missing. A lonely outsider in the small village, Warren becomes determined to save the girl, Lucy. But in doing so, will he sacrifice himself?

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In an expansive Scottish valley, Warren Michaels (to be played by Kevin McKidd) is carrying out pylon maintenance work. From his vantage point, he sees a young girl walk to the edge of a nearby lake, set up a video camera, remove all her clothes and disappear into the water. On his way to the police station to report the incident, his car crashes in torrential rain and he blacks out. When the video camera is recovered from his vehicle, Warren becomes a suspect.

Gradually we learn of the chilling torment of Lucy, the thirteen year-­‐old heroine, who has lost all sense of self. Her severe outbreaks of attention seeking behavior create increasing friction with the locals, and isolate her from her peers. At bitter war with his own demons, Warren is the only person in the small parish willing to ask why. The unlikeliest of understandings between two broken humans, leads to that hellish truth coming to light.

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Writer/Director:  Matthew Watson

“Reflecting the essence of the story, the look of the film will be dark and foreboding. Crushed blacks and beautiful, shallow focus will illuminate the mixture of foreground and background colours. ‘Dogbane’ will have a bold, sharp and highly original tone. Much of the film will be shot in twilight light, capturing in a unique way the mystery and the wildness of the rural setting. The village will project a strong contrast to the natural world surrounding it. The photography will linger on characters’ bodies, capturing the physical and spiritual differences between youth and adulthood, the male and the female form. As a comparable, the film’s story is perhaps most like a kind of modern-­‐day ‘Lolita’. At its core is the deeply unsettling and wrongful relationship between an older man and a young girl. The man has, in his own way, fallen deeply in love with the underage protagonist. But the similarities with Lolita soon end, when the drama in ‘Dogbane’ begins to show its modern day reality, and horror.”

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