From the director of Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, SNL: The first Five Years

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Charting the rise and fall of some of the most infamous players in the industry, from their love of film to their savvy, sometimes ruthless business practices, we are brought into an “enlightened” world of charming charlatans and cut-throat rivalry, DOWN AND DIRTY PICTURES chronicles the explosion of Independent Film as mainstream entertainment and reveals the larger than life characters in the driving seat.

Writers Dean Craig and Joshua James have crafted a screenplay that cleverly introduces the complex legend of Miramax’s Harvey Weinstein. Known for his blinding charm, yet also known as the boisterous bully who tears phones off the walls, this celebrated studio honcho never waivers in displaying his tender affection for independent film. Pitted against the unstoppable commercial success of Miramax Films, Bingham Ray and Jeff Lipsky co-found October Films where they hope to nourish art-house cinema and compete against Harvey and his brother Bob, creating a grueling, emotional battle over the future of independent film that had never been witnessed before. Down & Dirty Pictures shows us that whatever the personal imperfections of both the heroes and villains in this screenplay, what stands out most is their courage, a deep, overwhelming love of film, and that indie conditions are “darker, dirtier and a lot smaller” than anyone ever imagined.

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Down & Dirty Pictures is an energetic, obscenely funny, unique story about the mavericks who helped to create, mold, and later reinvent the modern day independent film industry. Through the use of original, visually stimulating filmmaking techniques (including comic book inspired animation and claymation), combined with an inventive storytelling structure, this rich and layered film fuses the characters’ drama and intensity (worthy of a Greek tragedy) and brilliantly records and satirizes independent film’s golden era and its most controversial characters.


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Vincent D’Onofrio, Andy Serkis, Toby Jones, Michael Rispoli, Elias Koteas, Matthew Perry, Bobby Cannavale, Hugh Dancy, Sally Hawkins


Ken Bowser

Writers :
Dean Craig (Death at a Funeral; Caffeine; Lift; Dirty Little Secrets)
Joshua James
based on the book of the same name by Peter Biskind (Easy Riders, Raging Bulls: How the Sex-Drugs-And Rock ‘N Roll Generation Saved Hollywood)

Kevin Frakes

Production Company:
PalmStar Entertainment










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