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In the final minutes of the European football championship Dolf (Joe Flynn) misses a crucial shot at goal and knocks his team out of the competition. Feeling he can’t live with his mistake, Dolf breaks into his mother’s advanced physics laboratory which holds an experimental time machine. Intending to go back in time to replay the football match, Dolf accidentally sends himself to the 13th century. Here he meets the feisty Jenne and the 8000 children of the Children’s Crusade. After using his modern-day knowledge to aid the children in their march, he quickly becomes their leader. As the Crusade continues, Dolf must draw on all his strength, cunning and bravery to save the children from a sinister plot to enslave them.

Director: Ben Sombogaart

Cast: Joe Flynn, Stephanie Leonidas,  Emily Watson,  Benno Fürmann,  Udo Kier


About the new U.S. Release Version:
The film is currently 30 minutes shorter than the previous Dutch version and the story has been streamlined and sharpened bringing the characters and the conflict into greater relief. This new version has a new ending, some new scoring and a couple of new original songs written for the film.